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  San Gennaro Castello 

                                   BORGO DIFFUSO

                                            SAN GENNARO (LUCCA), TOSCANA


Perfectly located between Florence, Pisa and Lucca, San Gennaro Castello Borgo Diffuso ("scattered hotel") is an innovative real estate and hospitality concept  that was launched by entrepreneur Dario Cecchini and his partner Marie Claire as an attempt to revive the historic village of San Gennaro at risk of abandonment. A B&B, corresponding to the reception with guest rooms, and apartments are spread out in various buildings within the town of San Gennaro on Lucca olive oil and wine road. Tuscany, of course, has a lot to offer. Its countryside is famously beautiful. Its cities hold countless artistic treasures. But San Gennaro Castello highlights one of Tuscany’s attractions that is often overlooked: 

                                                                    the sweetness of village life.

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