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Dario Cecchini recently gave up my his job in Los Angeles, hosting celebrities and stars while running N 10 restaurant in partnership with football legend Alessandro Del Piero, to start a new project with his business partner Marie Claire.

They are the owners of B&B San Gennaro Castello as well as its sister property La Casa nel Borgo and managers of few 

vacation rentals, located in the historical village of San Gennaro while Simonetta is managing the real estate side.

If you would like to be part of this amazing idea they can help you during the entire process of buying a vacation property and managing it while you are away.

They are not a part of a global hotel group with an expansion plan, they just wanted to share a little bit of the sweetness of

living in San Gennaro, and to offer travelers a refuge of simple, friendly and relaxed hospitality, and a chance to get away from the box-ticking tourists racing through the sites. San Gennaro Castello is a place to observe tourists, rather than be one,

to see them swell in and then out each day, while from the window of your room, you gaze down the medieval alleys,

catch the distant sound of an Italian song playing, smell the pasta sauce being readied for lunch. Across the way, an old lady smiles and waves as she waters her meticulously kept window box. At night, you’ll stroll home from dinner, down a cobblestone lane, passing a noisy discussion between families who have pulled wood chairs out into the street on a warm summer evening.


Stay a few nights, and they will wave as you pass. Maybe you will consider giving it all up too…



After thirty years of running restaurants and hotels around

the world, Dario and his family decided to downshift in Tuscany,

where he was born and grew up, to achieve a better lifestyle. 


A dream realized


Simo, Dario's sister, is the real estate manager

and she is an amazing cook too! 

Simonetta Cecchini Immobiliare

fronte Logo.jpg


Marie Claire, business partner of Dario,

assists with the operations and manages the properties. 

 Manage My Home in Tuscany.

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